The Real Reason Why Most Retail Traders Lose Money In The Financial Markets—And How You Can Avoid It...

Do you know why retail traders lose consistently in the financial markets?

One of the biggest reasons is because they use indicators to make their trading decisions.

Now don’t get me wrong, indicators are not evil but, if you’re using them to analyze the market, then you’re using the wrong information.

Here’s why…

Indicators are created by applying a formula to the price. This means indicators can be manipulated to give out a bullish or bearish bias (depending on your formula).

Don’t believe me?

Then ask yourself, how often have you seen indicators give you conflicting signals?

For example:

The RSI indicator is bearish but the MACD is bullish.

So what now? Which indicator do you trust? MACD or RSI?

Oh, wait!

You can tweak the RSI indicator and make it bullish too, and now you have “confirmation” from both indicators.

Does it make sense?

Of course not! It’s madness.

So here’s the deal:

Stop relying on trading indicators to form the basis of your analysis because it doesn’t give you an objective view of the markets.

Without an objective view of the markets, you can’t make the right trading decisions.

Without the right trading decisions, you’ll find yourself losing consistently in the markets.

Now you’re thinking:

“How do I get an objective view of the markets?”

Well, you should learn how to read the price action of the markets.

Because unlike indicators, price action isn’t manipulated by formulas and this gives you an objective view of what the market is doing— without any “tricks”.

And if you’re interested to learn more, then I’m excited to introduce to you…

Price Action Trading Secrets.

You’re probably wondering…

“What is Price Action Trading Secrets?”

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This is not just another “price action” book.

You’ll not be told to follow a trading setup because you’ll end up being a one-trick pony who fails when market conditions change.

You’ll not be told to look for a minimum of 1 to 2 risk reward ratio because that ratio alone is meaningless and won’t make you a profitable trader.

You’ll not be told to memorize candlestick patterns because it’s a waste of time and you’ll burn yourself out eventually.


Price Action Trading Secrets is a 140-page full-colour trading book that teaches you how to decode the secret language of the markets so you can interpret what the markets are telling you and adapt the right trading strategy for it.

This means you can better time your entries, exits, and even “predict” market turning points—without relying on trading indicators, fundamental news, or signal services.

And once you’ve studied Price Action Trading Secrets, you’ll be able to spot trading opportunities like these…

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Now, I’ll be honest.

This trading methodology is not the holy grail.

This trading methodology is not a get rich quick scheme.

This trading methodology is not going to make you profits every single day.

But, if you’re willing to invest the time to master price action trading, then you have a good chance of becoming a consistently profitable trader.

What other traders are saying…

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in Price Action Trading Secrets…

The ten natural laws of trading that nobody tells you (this is why 95% of traders lose consistently)

The biggest reason why retail traders don’t get consistent results in their trading and how you can avoid it

The one thing you must have if you want to become a consistently profitable trader (it’s nothing to do with your risk management, trading psychology, or trading strategy)

The secret to making truckloads of money from trading without blowing up your trading account

The four types of market structure every professional trader must know. Once you discover it, you’ll know exactly what “tricks” the market is up to—and how you can exploit it to your advantage

How to tell when Support & Resistance is about to break—so you don't get caught on the wrong side of the move (which means you’ll reduce your losses and retain more profits)

The secret to reading candlestick patterns that nobody tells you—so you can better time your entries & exits—and even “predict” market turning points

Why your stop loss always gets “eaten” and how you can avoid it

How to calculate the optimal position size for your trading account so you don't risk too much that you lose everything on one trade, and you don’t risk too little that it doesn’t make a difference

How to ride massive trends in bull & bear markets and quickly compound your returns

How to capture swings in the market so you can buy low and sell high (consistently and profitably)

Hybrid Technique: How to capture swings and ride massive trends at the same time so you can improve your winning rate and still achieve a favourable risk to reward on your trades

How to develop winning trading strategies to beat the markets

MAEE Formula: A simple trading strategy to profit in bull & bear markets—without indicators

Do you want to identify high probability reversal trades? Then here are 3 things you must look out for…

MBEE Formula: A powerful breakout trading strategy which allows you to risk $1 to make $5, or more

Want to find high probability breakout trades? Then you must pay attention to these three things—or suffer a false breakout

DERR Formula: How to quickly transform your trading even if you have been losing for years or breaking even for the longest time

How to quickly record your trades in less than a minute so you can fix your mistakes and increase your profits (without spending money on a trading journal)

If you want to become a better trader, you should track your profit & loss statements, right? Wrong! This is a mistake almost all traders make, and it won’t improve your trading results. I’ll explain why and what you must do instead…

How to enter a breakout before the breakout (my secret technique)

How to tell when the market is about to make pullback so you can avoid buying high and selling low

How to identify hidden strength and weakness on the charts so you can anticipate market reversals ahead of time (and leave your friends wondering, “how did you know it was coming?”)

How to manage your trades like a pro so you know when to exit your trade before the market reverse against you—and avoid losing your hard-earned profits

An important signal the market gives out when it’s about to make a big move (95% of traders don’t know this)

70+ charts and examples so you can easily understand the trading strategies and concepts (and quickly become a master price action trader)

And that’s only a fraction of what you’ll learn

You’ll also get access to bonus price action tutorials, position size calculators, and so much more…